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Damaged Mortar

Identification & Removal

Are there mortar joints on your home or building that are deteriorated, cracked, washed out, or missing? After identifying the problem areas on your structure, we remove the damaged mortar joints using special tools and processes.


Mortar Type & Color


Pointing & Tooling



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Make the wise and  important decision to tuck-point your structure today.

Are you ready to improve something for yourself and help preserve a piece of the past? Just say “no” to living with beat-up, damaged, and deteriorating masonry.

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Whether it’s old or new, big or small, our skilled staff can repair, replace, restore, or rebuild almost any type of masonry.

If you're looking for a quality tuck-pointing company, you’ve come to the right place! For years, we’ve been restoring and tuck-pointing old structures, large and small--for both residential and commercial customers. 

  • Tuck-pointing or repointing
  • Mortar mix and color formulation
  • Brick repair 
  • Masonry rebuilds and reconstruction
  • Restoration cleaning and washing
  • Paint removal from masonry surfaces
  • Stone and concrete patching
  • ​Brick foundation repair
  • ​Masonry sealing and weatherproofing
  • Helical wall tie installation
  • ​Architectural accent replication
  • Archway repair and reconstruction​

At Denver Masonry, LLC our mission is to provide a high quality service by blending the right ingredients together: excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, customized solutions, and follow-through. Experience has taught us that having proper processes in place allows us to deliver a product that lasts the test of time.



Is the mortar on your structure soft, limey, and white - or hard and gray? Selecting the right type of mortar to match your structure is the first place to start for proper tuck-pointingEach building has its own flavor of mortar color and type. We have years of experience matching mortar colors using specially formulated pigments and colors.


Does your structure have a unique type of mortar joint?  Matching the finish or tooling of the newly tuck-pointed mortar joints is key. There are several types of joint finishes: beaded, cut, raked, flush, tooled, or exposed aggregate. It is important to replicate the type of tooling used on your structure to help new work blend with old. 

Denver Tuck-pointing And Masonry Restoration in Denver, Colorado

     Identify - Remove - Match - Point - Finish

Denver Tuck-Pointing

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What do you do if the mortar between your bricks is cracked and failing? Or, what if parts of the mortar joints have been washed out by rain or snow? That area of your wall needs to be tuck-pointed. Tuck-pointing is a skill that is not easily mastered; there are many casualties of poor tuck-pointing all across metro Denver.

Let us handle the dirty work for you. It's what we do.